10 15 is a burger restaurant in Suadi Arabia that makes great-tasting burgers and is very keen on details, that’s where the name comes from.

A competent and well-experienced chef chooses his cattle from farms that contain 10 to 15 cows; these cattle are unique for being one of the most delicious breeds. The inspiration of this identity was from vintage farms to reflect the naming rationale. The typography is taken from the vintage posters & printed ads that were used in farms.

The logo is very dynamic & flexible; which will help out in fitting several applications. Having the numbers separated will give the flexibility to use it in different forms. The color scheme reflects a calm, fancy, trendy, & modern brand. The idea of the squares can be used to come up with many different formats & unique illustrations make 10 15 Burger identity stand out.
The interior look & feel is classy and features natural elements like wood and concrete. The style is a mix of Modern Country, Scandinavian, and Rustic.

The main perception behind this identity is to reflect the idea behind the name & exert an extraordinary feeling by mixing between the vintage typography yet being trendy & modern.

Agency: BeStudio
Designer: Abdelrahman Farahat

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