Almatar – Brand Identity

almatar is a new Saudi OTA. Providing travel services, information, and resources about traveling anywhere around the world. Through almatar you can make hotel reservations, book flights, get detailed accurate information about hundreds of destinations worldwide. Moreover, you can get tips and hacks about the place you are about to visit.
And because they praise Arabic Culture; the services and programs are designed exclusively for families and individuals. Providing delightful trips to Saudi Citizens with full respect for the precious Saudi culture. Aiming to empower and benefit them.


We worked together to develop their brand identity from the very beginning, by defining what is their unique value and what their customers are supposed to feel interacting with almatar. Going far away from what all the other competitors look like and focusing on what differentiates us we conceptualized ideas that represent the brand personality and values.
We created a friendly look logo with a circular smooth type using lowercase letters to giving it a more of a friendly look and feel. We created illustrations for their website and mobile app, and we designed a huge collection of icons to be used in their app.